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TT scale - East Baston (exhibition layout)

Depicts pre-war GWR steam in South Wales. OO gauge 4mm to the foot; 16.5mm track width. Continuous run 24ft x 12ft with a central well, model uses DCC.

East Baston is the name of the new TT layout at the Merseyside Model railway Society. It is an end to fiddle yard layout built on four four-foot scenic baseboards plus the fiddle yard which is fitted to use cassettes.

The trackwork is all hand built to 12mm gauge. The points are all hand operated. Leaving the fiddle yard are twin tracks which curve past the chemical works which are served by a long siding and having a small shed for the resident shunter, be it diesel or steam. This siding also gives access to the main loco shed. This is a two road covered building which, with two small sidings, is fed from a turntable.

The main line now approaches East Baston Station. A track leads off to the right to serve the canal basin. Barges and possibly small coastal vessels use the basin for loading/discharge of cargo. A stable exists for the horses of non-powered craft. The station has one major platform with a run around loop to release the train locomotives. There is also a bay platform leading off the line taking freight traffic to the goods yard and shed.

Rolling stock is based on equipment of the period 1945-1975 and thus steam and early diesel units can be seen. Being situated somewhere in the southern midland it is possible to see LNER and Southern stock, but the majority is GWR, LMS and British rail. Although nominally a branch line with there being twin tracks the railway authorities occasionally use the route to East Baston for test purposes. Thus the odd modern van or waggon will appear maybe even Scotrail!

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  Last modified:  February 05, 2017