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OO finescale

photos by Steve Hales






Welcome to the
OO finescale Groupís layout

Since all the upheaval of the move from Brassey Street last April, we have settled into our new clubhouse just up the road.

The new layout we started in Brassey Street had to be scrapped as it would not fit into the space in the new OO room. The OO group have been busy planning and building a new layout once we cleared and modified the room to our requirements.

We started with the fiddle yard on the wall side. This yard is about 32 ft. long leading into the paintwork and has 9 tracks. Up and down lines with 4ft radius curves at each end lead on the the main baseboards. These baseboards have been excellently made in Mike's workshops and erected in our room.

The track plan was drawn out on lining paper and fixed to the wall. Then the cork gang got to work laying cork where needed. The track plan consists of up and down main lines coming through a large station with bay platforms. There is a branch line coming in from each end for local trains. Behind the main lines there is going to be a lard M.P.D. with coaling plant, turntable, ash pits etc.. There will be a diesel depot and refuelling points further down. There will also be a goods yard, shed, sidings and a coal yard.

The main line will pass over and under roads and a canal. The whole layout including the curves at each end will be 35ft long but can be shortened to 20ft by taking baseboards out for exhibition. We can also have only the M.P.D. section.

Since the sad departure of several key modellers, this well-constructed, DC-controlled, 23ft by 7ft continuous run, steam-era layout has been taken on by a new team. More track is being laid and wired and scenic work is starting. If this appeals to you, please come and join the new modelling team.


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  Last modified:  February 05, 2017