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EM Gauge - West Kirby Joint

Depicts the through station at West Kirby (now demolished) in an end-to-end layout in EM gauge (4mm to the foot). Track is laid and scenic work is in progress.

  West Kirby had two stations, the Wirral Railway and the London North Western and Great Western Railways. These two stations remained separate and although a plan to build a new combined station in the 1930s was proposed, in fact only the Wirral line station was rebuilt. This layout under construction at Merseyside Model Railway Society aims to recreate the joint line station until its closure in 1962, when services from Hooton were withdrawn.

The train line from Hooton to West Kirby was a single track. At the terminus in West Kirby there were facilities for watering and a passing loop existed, along with a turntable. Although a ‘terminus’ the line continued beyond the station to the North and made a connection with the Wirral Railway. This allowed a good network for transferring goods between the two railways.

West Kirby’s joint station was opened on 19th April 1886. It was the Great Western and London North Western Railways’ extension to the 1866 branch line from Parkgate. The extension ran from Parkgate through Heswall, Thurstaston and Caldy, terminating at West Kirby.

In 1923 the London Midland and Scottish Railway became the joint partner with the Great Western Railway but very little changed and service patterns remained constant. As the LMS had taken over the Wirral Railway consideration was given to the idea of building a new station at West Kirby which could accommodate both lines. This potential plan never materialised.

As a second stage the layout will include a construction/ model representation of the 1930s combined station which was never built. No plans exist for this; however the present LMS-built stations at West Kirby and Hoylake will provide inspiration through the design and style.

The choice of a period and the choice of a joint line allow us to have a wide choice of locomotives and rolling stock. For the second stage we will have to build electric stock as no models exist.

The joint line station fits onto a baseboard measuring 12ft by 2ft plus a fiddleyard at one end. When the second stage is added it will create a layout 12ft by 4ft with fiddleyard at both ends.

The layout is built in EM gauge, the base made of blue installation foam in order to make it lightweight and portable. The boards are bonded to 3mm ply sides and 9mm ends, metal dowelled and bolted together and supported by simple lightweight trestles.


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  Last modified:  February 05, 2017